“Estrogen 101: What to Look For & How to Regulate It” Ask Jim, Jay, & Dr. Aaron Grossman Episode 27

On Episode 27 of the Ask Jim, Jay, & Dr. Aaron Grossman Show, the crew goes extremely in-depth on a topic barely covered, Estrogen. Learn from the squad what the ideal estrogen level is for males, some benefits of optimizing your estrogen levels, what to look for when getting estrogen tests done, and so much more! So many people forget to focus on their estrogen when optimizing their testosterone levels, watch this to learn everything and more about estrogen and how to handle it!

0:01 – Introduction
2:50 – The importance of estrogen and managing it
6:00 – Are there different types of estrogen or just different types of testing?
11:00 – Everyone has their own ideal estrogen level
18:20 – Is there a range that is too high or too low for estrogen?
25:10 – What do you feel is the biggest issue with estrogen and TRT treatments?
31:10 – Jim goes to people who use these types of treatments instead of medical practitioners
37:30 – The benefits of donating blood every 3 months
41:50 – What can you do to manage your estrogen levels?
45:40 – If you are in a clinic that makes you come in to get 1 shot a week, head for the hills
52:40 – What is Jim Brown’s injection schedule?
59:00 – Wrap Up
1:03:10 – http://www.trtrevolution.com/


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