Forbes Magazine Top Rated Business Coach Asha Mankowska Talks About Creating MASSIVE Success!

Top Entrepreneur Asha Mankowska is a Forbes Magazine Top Rated Business Coach because of her ability to turn any business into a massively successful company! If you’re running your real estate, or any entrepreneurial business, but are having trouble getting over the hump to GROW your business, you need to listen to what Asha has to say! Asha and Joshua dive head-first into how to align yourself with the correct people to ensure that you find success, the importance of being vulnerable in order to be strong, how to take your business to the next level and she gives personal examples of her clients going from 7 figure to 8 figure yearly earners! Don’t miss this one!

0:01 – Introduction
6:40 – Interview start
8:40 – Speaking at Harvard University
15:00 – Did you ever feel that giving away content for free would hurt you?
18:40 – How do you pinpoint what kind of people you should be helping and who would be a waste of time?
26:00 – You can tell when somebody is proactive and wants to make a difference
33:00 – What are the main differences you see that separate high earners from lower income earners?
37:20 – Having the correct systems and processes in place is KEY
41:00 – Asha explains her new training academy,
51:00 – Reaching out to top leaders around the world about being a part of her Academy
54:00 – Modules in her academy
1:00:00 – The most important role in her team is positive reinforcement
1:02:20 – A lot of the time we have trouble discovering that it is us that is the problem
1:05:40 – Strength is being able to see when you’re wrong and be able to ask for help
1:10:10 – How often do you do your masterminds and if somebody wants to get involved, how would they do that?
1:14:40 – Asha’s social media presence and how she has built hers
1:20:30 – What are some top tips for people to implement in their business plans for the next year?
1:26:20 – What new do you have going on for the next year? Any big plans?
1:29:00 – Do you ever feel a conflict between work and personal life?

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