“$50Million Increased Real Estate Production In 12 Months” GSD Mode Interview with Ariana Pareja

Top Realtor Ariana Pareja went from never selling a home ever in her life, the jumping headfirst into the real estate industry and helping her team increase their production by $50 Million in her first 12 MONTHS at the company. Ariana drops so much knowledge ranging from what you should name your business, to her new real estate company Remine, and even how to handle criticism and keep a steady marriage while being an entrepreneur. Don’t miss this one!

0:01 – Introduction
8:00 – How Ariana got started in real estate
12:30 – What did you identify that was allowing you to build your business so rapidly?
16:30 – How did you make sure that your team was being held accountable for their sales and their work?
19:50 – What advice would you give to real estate leaders looking to put systems in place?
23:20 – Do you think naming your business after your personal name is a good thing or a bad thing?
30:00 – When logging into Remine, how does an agent use that to prospect?
33:20 – What is “purchasing data” within Remine?
36:00 – How do you make sure that you make the correct hires?
39:00 – Using Tony Robbin’s DISC to hire
45:00 – How do you create a winning compensation model that is fair to everybody?
49:10 – How important is company culture in your business?
55:00 – How do you not neglect your marriage being an entrepreneur?
1:02:40 – Have you experienced criticism and how do you deal with that?
1:07:00 – If you could give your younger self 2 pieces of advice what would they be?
1:08:30 – If you could have lunch with anybody past or present, who would it be?
1:10:10 – Is there anything the audience can do to get Remine implemented?
1:11:10 – Last words of advice and inspiration for listeners

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