Amazing Way To Become a Real Estate Investor without All The Headaches!

Amy Kirsch is the Director of Investor Relations at RealtyShares, where her team is the primary point of contact for the platform’s 92,000 registered users. RealtyShares is a real estate investing platform where users can be walked through the process of investing in real estate, acquiring financial loans, property management, and so much more. If you have ever wanted to get into Real Estate investing, RealtyShares may be a great place for you to get started, check it out!

0:01 – Introduction
2:30 – What led you to entrepreneurship and real estate in the first place?
5:10 – What was the transition out of the corporate world into your own entrepreneurship?
6:20 – What were the initial first days of RealtyShares?
8:20 – Any crazy stories from the start-up days?
10:00 – So what is RealtyShares?
13:10 – So where did RealtyShares come from?
14:40 – What is it like to get involved with RealtyShares? How does that work?
19:40 – Does RealtyShares offer property management?
23:20 – Is there a requirement to be a sponsor with RealtyShares?
31:40 – How big and how far does RealtyShares expand and which markets are the best?
34:00 – If someone has a concern before getting involved about a real estate crash, what do you do to combat that fear?
38:20 – Where is the best place to get involved with RealtyShares?
43:00 – What is the 1% fee that RealtyShares charges?
44:00 – What is your favorite thing about working at RealtyShares?
46:50 – Anything that we didn’t cover that you want to share?




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