“Become More Effective & Massively Increase Your Business” Round # 2 with Alex Charfen

Top Entrepreneur Alex Charfen is back for Round #2 of his interview with Joshua Smith! Listen to one of the best entrepreneur coaches and leaders dive in with Joshua on a variety of topics, including but not limited to, how to increase your business no matter what kind of field you are in, key tips on improving your sleep and how that will translate into improving your business, the different types of entrepreneurial personalities and how each one can be approached and used, and so much more! Don’t let yourself miss this interview!

0:01 – Introduction
5:20 – What can we expect in your new book?
12:40 – How do you fully accept yourself as a different-wired entrepreneur personality type?
20:20 – How would you describe the conflict between people who don’t have the same personality type?
30:00 – What are some “processes” in a marriage?
38:40 – What are some things that entrepreneurs need to pay attention to in order to stay optimal?
43:50 – Alex has done EXTENSIVE research on water
49:20 – If you think, drink
53:00 – Do you have any tips for entrepreneurship to optimize sleep?
1:00:00 – How to improve your sleep and make yourself feel better
1:06:30 – The importance of removing blue light with special glasses
1:09:50 – Can you elaborate and explain the hustle behind your business and what it takes to get to where you are?
1:14:40 – What kind of advice would you have for those looking to take “inspired” action instead of just operating?
1:19:40 – Do you agree with the 3 traits of leadership and that most people disregard them?
1:24:50 – Best place to find out more about Alex
1:28:20 – Last words of advice for listeners

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